Born In Los Angeles, CA (May 18, 1988)

184cm Tall, Shoe Size: 10.5

Daniel is a very strange person. He is often extreme in his habits, for example, when he decided to take up exercising he hardly ate out, even at family gatherings. He would carry his tupper-wared rubber chicken and broccoli (basically grass) with him everywhere, even to Disneyland! Embarassing, I know. The funny thing is, he decided to make this “lifestyle change” in and instant. Literally, the night before we were eating In-N-Out Burger (His absolute favorite), time travel to 3:30 am the next morning, meal-prepped for the entire week; the whole family is losing their mind.

To be honest, I had no idea he was writing blogs. He is quite “secretive,” as my mom would say. Growing up, mom would enroll us into art classes, several if not many. I think art stuck with Daniel far more than it did with me. Imagine for a second, if you will, watching our house as a sitcom. Daniel’s character was the grungy looking skater kid with long hair, always talking about strange and random stuff (no particular reference, sorry); that is, only when he took a huge leap to open his mouth. Because my brother hardly ever talked back then. Of course, he’s much better now, and slightly more normal, I think.

Ok, sorry to take up too much of your time, frankly, I’m getting bored talking about my brother, I mean c’mon, the dude eats chicken and broccoli all day. Kidding, bro. In all seriousness, he is very warm, kind, loyal, very protective, and dedicated to whatever he decides to put his mind to, or in this case, pen? He basically becomes a machine when it comes to personal endeavors and I really hope that people will get a good laugh, if anything, from his writings because I’m crying..”Shit Tits?!” LOL!


Little Sister