Barcelona Is Better Than Los Angeles

  1. Slap Ya Mama – the seasoning that you put on everything!Spain Mission Trip 397
  2. Screw LA Traffic: Tired of bumper to bumper on the 110? Use one of the most sophisticated subway systems that gets you from point A to B on time! Spain Mission Trip 396
  3. Speak Like A Local: You can get away with basic Spanish as long as you pronounce with slight lisp e.g. “C’s” use “Bar(th)elona” as opposed to Barcelona. Crucial, otherwise the locals may frown on you! Spain Mission Trip 108
  4. More Photo-worthy: Architecture by Gaudi is precisely aesthetic and mind blowing. Even today, the buildings look modern. The whole city is “art” so always stay strapped with a camera.
  5. Skateboard Freely: Equivalent to skateboard heaven, the world’s top pros come here to skate. The perfectly accommodating skate board culture and near-perfect weather behind the canvas of vivid graffiti screams, “I was built to be skated on.”10443414_10205327931215027_3416366913820808515_nSpain Mission Trip 143
  6. Attire As If In Los Angeles: The Mediterranean beaches and weather are absolutely California, or is California absolutely Barcelona?
  7. Fútbol Is Religion: Not soccer. Not football. Find two opposing deserted walls and spray paint rectangle goal boxes and you got a neighborhood game with a huge spectacle of locals. Every kid plays and play with seemingly effortless skill. An amazing sight to see.
  8. MOAR Naps – or “Siesta” can last for almost 2 hours and most shops will close shop during this time. So catch up on some Z’s.
  9. Sangria Dens: Bring a round table of friends and order gallons (not pitchers) of Sangria. Roam La Rambla in a drunken wanderlust. Good night

5 thoughts on “Barcelona Is Better Than Los Angeles

  1. How often do you use slap ya mama? I agree with you on the traffic in LA, don’t like it at all. It’s a good thing we have podcasts now. I listen and zone in growing my mind when I’m driving.

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