How I Make $150-$200/Hr. Driving Uber Part Time (Simple Hack)



Why am I sharing this? Here’s the thing. I’ve never really had anyone to show me the ropes to most things I’ve tried out in life. I’ve always had to figure it out. So I’ve decided not to keep things to myself anymore and would rather give value, so from now on my aim is to provide value on my blogs and give way more than anyone else.

Here’s the bird’s eye view of my spiel in a normal day’s excursion:

-I only drive 2-3 hours

-I cap off at about $200/Hr.

-I only give 3-5 rides 

Not a bad gig. Took me 2 years to get this system down. I will gladly share it for free. Your welcome.


I should mention the two cars I’ve used to create those results.

  1. I started off with a Toyota Corolla which I credit for filtering all the mistakes. The Corolla qualifies to pick up Uber X passengers (basic entry level cars).
  2. The Audi qualifies for both UberX and Uber SELECT (Luxury cars). Which means absolutely nothing to you now, but allow me to elaborate.

My first year driving my Corolla due from leaving my full time job to pursue other flexible options began with the journey of the typical newbie driver today:

Take every single ride that get’s thrown at you! (LOL Laughable, but true!)

After all, it’s about volume, long trips, and high surge meaning higher fares, however one must be out on the road ALL DAY. The truth is, this is the only way to make a decent earning driving UBER X, doesn’t this remind you of a 9-5? So Uber X driver’s have learned that in order to maximize their earning potential they need long rides and/or airport rides + surge=chaching$! The hot spot for these opportunities are at airports. In my area it’s LAX. The community considers it a gold mine.

Ideal Route Formula: Long Rides and/or Airport Ride + Surge = $$

So fast forward. I’m in an Audi, great. Aside from the car, my passengers are different, they speak business jargon, and probably just want to impress their date – all this is not that important unless you’re networking w/ an elevator pitch, but that’s a whole other blog. What’s crucial to note are my base fare earnings just doubled per ride not including high surged fares!

Suddenly I have leverage. Why?

The truth is: the nicer your car is the more priority you have in any queue system or closest driver access. Meaning a SELECT driver get’s paid at least 1.5-$2 a minute AND, a BIG AND, there’s one very important hack that changes the game and it lies in the preferences option of the driver app. 

And it’s the unspoken secret that nobody is willing to talk about. It’s basically a kill switch, God mode, whatever you wanna call it. More on this in a bit. Don’t worry it will all make sense.

It goes without saying in the Uber community that airport rides are the absolute best place to catch a long surge ride. Everyone and their mom’s know it both literally and figuratively. The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a giant melting pot within the melting pot of greater Los Angeles, that spits out travelers from afar going to visit city’s as far as San Diego. So it’s not farfetched when I say that when a driver sees a passenger wheeling around a carryon and bulky luggage to your car, they immediately light up and start salivating.

A perfect daily route looks like this:

ride to the airport -> ride out of the airport (With Surge) -> ride back to the airport -> ride out the airport (With Surge) towards home. 

You’re probably wondering, “then why doesn’t everyone just go to the airport and make a killing?” The problem is, there is a queue system. The line gets lengthy to about 50+ and by the oversaturated parking lot of UberX drivers this easily spills over a 100 drivers. Which could take hours to get a ride; you’re reduced to making friends with your other miserable neighbor whose been sitting in the hot LA heat all day. Which is fine if it’s your thing.

Speaking of heat here’s where the heat switch or God mode applies. Very quickly, what are surges again? When there is a high demand for cars in an area the prices per ride shoots up. Great. So now let’s get to the gravy!


Heat Up The Queue Zones:


When waiting in a large queue the only way to get a good ride is by sheer timing, pattern recognition, and luck. (Well it’s not that complicated, this is definitely not the stock market, but after studying the way surges move along the heat map, you’ll discover a pattern just like anything else. The idea is to be consistent). So when you notice your map turning progressively red you keep your preferences on SELECT only. This allows the surge to “heat” up until it hits up to 2.5 times the basic fare. By the way, 2.5 is almost double the amount of a Base SELECT ride.  Thus, once the heat map gets nice and hot (1.8 – 2.5x), you switch you preferences to include UBER X, and since I mentioned that I’m driving a “SELECT vehicle”, BAM! I’m automatically shot to the front of the queue of Uber X drivers- translation –  I take priority of the higher surge EVERY SINGLE TIME. With the amount of SELECT drivers on the road, again depending on your area, you are realistically sharing the queue with only 15 cars as opposed to 100.


You really can’t hate the player, because this is the nature of the game by DESIGN. Uber was originally designed for the customer’s best interest. So it it’s a no brainer they want to give their customer’s the best driving experience possible. We can look at it two-fold as well – The customer who’s willing to pay a higher surge will have a high probability of receiving a luxury car to escort them to their destination. It’s a win-win.


I only aim for specific demographic locations.

The truth is, most people aren’t willing to pay for SELECT. There I said it!

I even had the president of MOCHI Ice Cream (God, I love those tasty, chewy, melt-in-your-mouth desserts) use an Uber X for a 45 minute ride. People are frugal or cheap, so long as it’s not public transportation or a taxi, especially in LA. So in order to get SELECT rides you must go to your “high paying” customers. I prefer JW Marriots and Ritz-Carltons and for good reason too – most of these customers are heading to the airport! This falls into our aforementioned Ideal Route Formula noted above. So as the old timer’s would say “double wammy!”


Add A Referral Code

Here’s the last thing I’ll add. It’s optional but highly recommended especially if your a new driver or rider and this blog helped put extra money in your pocket.


Once you add a referral code, we both get PAID in promotion. For example, your first 10 trips will entitle you to a bonus of up to $700 in addition to whatever you make that week depending on your city. You can take the promo deal plus my free tips and walk away from Uber forever or use my methods to continue to really maximize your time and stretch your dollars. If you found this blog helpful add me into your referral code:



Thanks for reading and let me know how it goes, there is nothing to lose!



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