Dirty Batch 1


I see you

You gush

My heart’s tourniquet

Promiscuous eyes ablaze

The mood is cherry wine and feverishly crimson.


To a degree, criminally a vixen

You stoke flames with deadly ambition,

your brainless charm feeds off your victims

Red tape – caution,


white flag – option,

Impact, smithereens

Ego scrapped – blown posture

my cheap slow-tape toss-up
lower grade stardust 
lower case trauma
lower face part fu… need a lower face mop up

You are the lower case part of,




I’ll stipend a cut, per ever    –     y crutch

Savory lunch, I’m deliciously    –    packing my stuff

It’s never enough

burn and erupt – holding each other, buried under the dust

Drive me insane,

0-60 in reverse,

in the opposite lane

You tether the guilt

Taper the pain

because I can’t hide in the rain

Fixed on my mind

in your crosshairs I’m blind

I don’t keep score

you count every infraction in sight

Every action has a reaction

you’re looking back twice

When I’m dying for the sequel

you’re hyping up price

X’s and O’s,  twist     –    ed to lip sync or mime

Devil on your menu

I’m served rarer than Christ

Holding myself
                        chest full of ice,
                                               thorns on the vine
Love at first sight – till one hundred and nine
Picture perfect – can’t photo bomb a love so photogenic
So near,
Dearest of mine




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