That Soft Spot

You can say all the right things to save face.
Be polite and be indebted to other’s “free gifts.”
Feel sorry and get tied to Their plans for you, and pass the tier of no return.
When obligations become your burden, and the people that hardly gives a flying fuck, make choices for you.
When you’re put on the spot to make the right move in everyone else’s eyes.
You’ve been lied to since day one.
When you’re impatient and settle for less.
When you’re forced to act too soon.
When you’re meant to be a free soul, but society’s expectations turn to fuck you.
When you question yourself if it’s too late.
When shit isn’t a joke to you anymore, and you haven’t laughed in years.
When anger drives you, and you excel.
When shit gets buried under all the hesitations, you realize that a slight turn may have changed it all for you.
When “being real,” wasn’t even a trend, and the only advice comes from those that are miserable.
When you have to please everyone at the same time, or outperform.
You’ve invested too much, haven’t you?
When you’re supposed to be focused, yet your mind is elsewhere.
It hits you hard,
when your grand parents begin all their conversations with the words “I wish..”


-Save some room for me-



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