How Coffee Changed My Love Life

A generous but creepy smile painfully stretched across my face as if splitting the staples from a wound.

“Hey dude, how’s the GF?” I spat out, my voice as artificial as my tone. “Sweet! I blurted without waiting for a reply. “The usual? You got it!” “Hazelnut latte, no whip, fat free milk, and a greasy muffin per usual. Does your doctor approve the consumption of shit every morning, Jim!?

(People cannot function without coffee in my world so Jim didn’t hear a thing, I promise).

To my credit I truly believe my coffee was made in an all-time record breaking stride this day, to say the least, and keep in mind that the order is not complete until the customer walks out the store. So in a flurry I simultaneously snapped the hot beverage into Jim’s lego man palm while giving him a hard shove. I shouted at him “have a wonderful day!” while sipping his scorching hot latte as he stepped on a golden retriever’s paw, contents spilling all over his extra bleached white dress shirt. But don’t worry, they only notice these things once the caffeine kicks in.

For the next few hours, several more waves of zombies queued up with sunken-deep eyes rolled back in their sockets.

I then hit the part of my shift where life seems to be deteriorating. Anyone?

Suddenly, I noticed something peculiar…

A young lady walked into the crowd with such vibrant colors emanating from her entire being that I dropped an entire tray of fresh baked pastries. Glazed puffs and buttery muffins rolled away from my leather Chucks as the glaze from my eyes began to gather.

Intuitively, I know that staring at women can be a tricky feat but I felt it was the right thing to do at the time..

The customer in front of me winced sharply at me. Heck! I was locked in and completely unaware of my facial expression but who cares, it just feels right. There’s something special about this moment and it was rather strange.

Our eyes met…

Electricity tingled through me. Our smile synchronized slowly and suddenly everything else in my life became irrelevant.

“Just black, no room,” the angel harped.

I’m just noticing that she’s brunette, her style is urban, her pink cap paints an overcast shade on her fair skin, cheeks kissed with faint blush.

My heart dropped from my chest, “God, she’s so classy,” I thought.

“But can’t you order a more complex formula so I can stall some time-” did I just say that out loud!? 

“Pardon?” She queried with a endearing giggle.

“Shit….Um, well, yuh know, the zombie apocalypse is next in line and you’re obviously human so…yeah,” I stammered.

Wait!-An epiphany hit me hard-what if I never see her again? Will this be my only impression on her? Will I just be forgotten?

-I immediately snapped from my shitty existence-

“Quick question: Why straight black?” I asked with conviction.

“Because it gets straight to the point. What people consider as coffee is similar to sugarcoating the truth, you’ll understand when you get older.” She replied with a soft smirk.

Geez, didn’t expect her to be so philosophically deep but she’s playing with me! I laughed inside. Not sure what got into me at that moment but I placed my hand ever so gently on hers, “Well I can be sweet at times, leave a little room for me,” said as calmly as a dog in heat.

Her lashes fell lightly as she glanced toward our touch.

I could’ve sworn there were visible vibes between our bodies now. The tension was unbearable.

Then she spoke, “if I come back for another cup I might be more inclined,” she cooed.

By this time the whole store was watching us like Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

I withdrew my crying hand and simply said, “I can respect that.” She turned away with smiling eyes this time.

“For future reference, just know that I’m a backwards woman, I like to get coffee last.”

I collapsed onto the cream puffs and muffins lying on the floor, drenched in sweat, my pants swimming. With that, she walked out of my life. What a woman!


13 thoughts on “How Coffee Changed My Love Life

  1. This is an amazing piece! Loved everything about it. You captured her beautifully. It had me glued wanting to get to the end.

    I really wanted her to slip you a key to a hotel room where you would both explode on each other during a lunch break.

    Loved it. Take feedback if you must but you’ve got something!

    I’m fairly new here too. I have my own style and I am still learning. Some people just want to put in before getting to know you.

    I’m happy. I’m want to get to know you. Read more and then I might, more likely NOT, have some advice.

    Keep going! I’m a fan already!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL I think I love the reaction and your expectations to how the story might’ve unfolded more than the story itself!

      I’m inspired by music and so your style and concept fascinates me. Personally, your writing draws a real connection between the listener and the music, which is what’s most interesting.

      I’m grateful to be a part of your journey and to be able to document your progress and growth.

      Thank you for your kind words, sir. I’m truly anticipating your future posts, as I too am a fan of your work!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Firstly… I’m a Woman! LOL. Second…. thanks for the Kudos. Please check out my post Day 8. Scroll to the end.

        Welcome to the craziness.! It’s always good to go beyond the story. It’s all in fun. And sir… music is our connection as well I dare say. I adore all kinds.

        Hope you like the video for day 8.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s all good. Internet is genderless I guess. Don’t apologize! I’ma be your big sister. LOL I like to push the gender thing because some people always suppose we can’t write dialogue or write strong scenes.

        Anyway taken too much of your time already. Look forward to seeing you around.


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