Twix Bar Doughnuts And Reseese PB Cronuts


What is food? How do YOU view IT? I think I may have a slight eating disorder since dieting down. OR I just have a passion for food and all things tasty as hell!

“My excuse to start reverse dieting and incorporation of IIFYM.”

Let me just say that I’m only daydreaming of my next food challenge. The goal is to hit 20,000 calories. Which is easily doable. My only problem may be the way my body will look afterwards, which is actually not a big deal at all.

..”to be able to have a 20,000 calorie challenge in America is a blessing..”

I’m not starving nor am I ravished from extreme dieting, just another average joe caring too much about his abs.

One thing that reverse dieting will do for me is allow my metabolic rate to recover and then start adding foods that I’ve scolded myself not to touch. I always felt that there needs to be a strict discipline behind dieting but the more I learn, the more I realize that counterintuitive methods actually work!

Example: I never would have believed that a cheat meal/day would allow me to lose more weight.

-I never knew re-feeds can be so helpful as well.

Although I’ve always liked the edgy feeling and pissed off attitude accompanied with low carbs all the time, I’ve come to find that maybe I need more flexibility. I just don’t want to get trapped in that mindset of “just do enough, or just do a little., or I’m just maintaining muscle.”


This is the mindset of normality, in my opinion.

I’ve always been an extreme person and rarely practiced moderation especially for goals that I wanted bad enough.

But I think that there is room for flexibility when maintaining the achievement of a specific goal for a long period of time.

For example: once hitting below 10% body fat, the dieting will become pretty boring. My training would also stall, then to maintain would become a boring task. (If your happy where your at then you’ve already won!)

..”I just need constant achievement and goals to feed my soul..”

Maybe once I get tired of outgrowing my clothes, I will decide to just “maintain.”

Since I’ve gotten to this new level of body composition, I’ve decided to dedicate my time to education. By that I mean, experimenting how my body reacts to certain manipulations. I.E. refeeds/ reverse dieting.

The only thing that may hold me back is if I decide to enter the Havasu Classic which is 3 months out. Which I might do anyways. Even so, this will give me the confidence in my ability to reach my peak level where I look the fullest.

“So the takeaway is: don’t be afraid to try new things….”

This weekend I had a Double Twix bar inside of a double chocolate doughnut with a Double Reseese PB Cup on top of a Cronut. I wasn’t able to add cookie butter spread on top because it was just too damn sweet. The type of sweet that rushes and tickles the back of your head-type rush. I’ve made it a point to add some sort of spread to all of my carbs and sweets. If they don’t match, the spread is surely good enough to lick off a spoon.

(If I were to train twice a day off this diet, I can truly do a lot more in the gains department as well as in caloric increase and less “metabolic damage” when time to cut.)

I’ve come to realize that candy bars and doughnuts make a great combo. My new combo this week will be a Kit Kat bar on top of a bear claw or a cinnamon glazed doughnut. Or I can always pair it with a cronut. You can never go wrong with cronuts. The plain donuts such as glazed and more bready-types need a light topping like crispy m&m’s which are now available temporarily. Ah! Fine, crispy m&ms on top of a glazed. Done.

“…My passion for oatmeal is beginning to grow. I know that it’s a boring cheat food but adding maple brown sugar to this simple meal makes it a perfect pre workout meal/ cheat day. But ofcourse, never forget to add cookie butter spread.”

Cookies are a staple on cheats. But the rule is that they must be soft-baked. No tooth chipping crumble saucers. Chocolate milk is a necessity as well. But only one glass. Coke works for digesting but only one glass. The idea is to limit fluids throughout this day.

..”Cookies are a staple on cheats..”

Ice cream sandwiches or any type of ice cream is perfect because you can consume a ton of ice cream while hardly getting full. Coffee and fraps are ok because fraps are basically just ice cream and coffee is a diuretic so you’ll end up losing fluids. No biggie.

While eating salty foods, just add a glass of coke. NO WATER!

Water will fill you up way too quickly and you will be in pain in no time. Tons of water the next morning however.

If you’re used to being on any kinds of training or diet regiment then you will feel like working out due from the massive surplus of calories. In the instance of doing a 10K challenge for example, doing light cardio helps the digestion smooth out and you end up being hungrier from the light exercise. I like to use a stationary bike.

DO NOT TAKE NAPS!!! But be more active than usual.

Try to stay away from very filling carbs like bread, sponge cakes, pastas. (for food challenges)

White chocolate macadamia nut cookies by Lenny and Larry’s are so good but I cannot find them anymore!! Hopefully not discontinued.

So, I ended up at Costco and depleted, as usual. I happened to walk by the pastry section by the healthy veggies. I walked by real quick but something caught my eye. Those damn soft-baked cookies are always on sale! This time they had a variety pack including white chocolate macadamia nut. Believe me, I reasoned with myself and found that the soft baked cookies at Ralphs would be more expensive and I would be getting less, no brainer! It was a steal, I am not ashamed. This is what I consider a good investment.

What’s amazing about Costco’s pastry section is that they have such amazing aesthetics on them sweets. They know how to make them look just like a photo-shopped pic from a food menu. Aside from the taste, as long as you buy it, you will eat it. I was very well tempted to buy the entire cheesecake, for example. But I knew that I couldn’t hide it from my sister which was the only reason why I turned it down.

Your comrade and friend,


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