Note To Self

There you go again with that unfinished product which you call, “ideas.” The never ending stream of conscious thoughts regulating each minute detail of result-driven action. Comprehensive brain chatter for the soul with no price- chest full of ice. Murder-intensive nightmares swing by their tails while heaven’s pendulum catches each glimpse by the glare. Dirty espresso soothes like lacquer, but the tangled mess of unfulfilled demands ball-up like used bandages. Confused by subjective standards that shatter each benchmark- to sell out or die by the art?


8 thoughts on “Note To Self

      1. You’re priceless D. Honestly… priceless. I’ma calm down now and let you be. Love you lots!

        I’ll always have your back and I’ve no doubt you’re on to something. Can’t be ignored.

        Goodnight darlin’. Muuuuuaaaaah!

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