This Song Is About You…

His downtown studio was disarray with stretched canvas’ and photo reels. A memorandum of post-its grazed the walls like bomb fragments from a shrapnel shell. The urban modern feel was relevant, as the interior was gutted to the bare bones. John Coltrane played spiffy and smooth from the distant record player. The scotch poured into […]

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To Be Loved First

“Thoughts,” the wise man once said, “leads to action, action leads to habit, habit leads to destiny.” This post was inspired by my newest, dear friend, Mel Gutiér, AKA Fiction In My Head. Mel is the big sister I’ve always wanted around. Frankly, you should skip this post, it’s quite boring, trust me; head straight […]

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Other Ways To Espresso Love

The cream of our eyes swirled into a sugary glaze as a frosty stare-down brewed. Hazelnut tipped and silk streamed ombre curls fell playfully from the soft stroke-back of hair. A silver band slivered its gleam in between strands, leaving a lone bang hiding coyly, peeking before a sharp but quiet side glance. My heart […]

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The Blues Taught Me What Love Is

  At this point I take a moment to play the guitar and have a conversation, musically. In classic Blues’ call and response fashion: “Hi, is this seat taken?” “Nope.”  And that’s where it all began.. I’ll take a sharp breath when you split from me. I think graciously about moments that were, inescapable; a […]

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How Coffee Changed My Love Life

A generous but creepy smile painfully stretched across my face as if splitting the staples from a wound. “Hey dude, how’s the GF?” I spat out, my voice as artificial as my tone. “Sweet! I blurted without waiting for a reply. “The usual? You got it!” “Hazelnut latte, no whip, fat free milk, and a […]

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Dirty Batch 1

  I see you You gush My heart’s tourniquet Promiscuous eyes ablaze The mood is cherry wine and feverishly crimson. Jealousy To a degree, criminally a vixen You stoke flames with deadly ambition, your brainless charm feeds off your victims Red tape – caution, No white flag – option, Impact, smithereens Ego scrapped – blown […]

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That Soft Spot

You can say all the right things to save face. Be polite and be indebted to other’s “free gifts.” Feel sorry and get tied to Their plans for you, and pass the tier of no return. When obligations become your burden, and the people that hardly gives a flying fuck, make choices for you. When you’re […]

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A Glimpse Into My 21 Yr. Old Mind

My mind spun, heavier than the cylinder on a Magnum, gunmetal gray to be exact, much like the dark skies’ transcending and throbbing at me. The empty 40-ounce bottles duct taped to both palms are now starting to weigh like kettle bells.  This predicament is both thoughtfully and thoughtlessly given the name, “Edward 40 hands.” […]

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